Our working process is Picture – Pattern – Product.
Cecal Interior is run by Anne-Lie Hummel Högblom, a former upholsterer and producer within film and stage art and started as a collaboration with artist and scenographer Cecilia Bertling.
The idea was to bring forward some of Cecilia’s artwork and make them into pattern fabric and so we did! We developed the velvet collection THREE LADIES for Cecal then we designed three patterns for the brand KINNAMARK – a Swedish fabric producer.
We work in collaboration directly with the artist and develop collections for interior and other designs. We have continued to work with other artists as Jan-Bertil Andersson in the collection MONTREAL and we have more on the go…
In a world where so much anonymous art and pattern surround us, we want to put forward the artist and their works – make you rethink the impact they actually have on us everywhere and many times not get recognized for. 
Welcome to our world!
Anne-Lie Hummel Högblom